Support Educational Development in a Guatemalan Mountain Village 

by providing an educational scholarship for one or more children 

among the poorest of God's people.

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Sign-up to grant a Rising Villages' Scholarship.


*The scholarship support begins any time of year.

*Recipients may begin preparatory study courses.

*New student photographs will be sent out yearly,

*Two attendance & grade updates are sent yearly.

*click 'Students Waiting' to choose a needy student.

*When your student graduates your scholarship can

transfer to another needy student waiting.


1. A full scholarship cost is $60 per month. (you choose the child)

2. A half scholarship cost is $30 per month. (We choose the child)

3. Short notes can be sent by email to the child:

(Please include your name and the child's name)


Rising Villages is a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Corporation which provides

hands-on educational development work in Guatemalan villages.